Sunlighter....The Ultimate Survival Lighter

The Sunlighter is a solar powered survival lighter, campfire starter, cigarette lighter and cigar lighter that works in seconds and is easy to use. The survival lighter is a great substitute for the butane lighter because of its windproof and waterproof qualities, making it the ideal lighter for outdoor activities.


The survival lighter is a great addition to your survival gear, bug-out bag, doomsday prepper kit, and survival kit. The survival lighter is also a great addition to your emergency kit or disaster kit for any sea voyage or wilderness venture where you are stranded and in need of a fire. As an emergency kit item, store it on a plane or use it in a cabin in the woods if you're snowed in. The survival lighter doesn't require any fuel or flint that would run out or wear out as it works off the sun using a parabolic reflector design.


The Sunlighter can also be used at night when the sun goes down by using a high-powered spotlight or high beams on most vehicles to make a fire for warmth or cooking, making it useful at night or during the day. The Sunlighter is also airport friendly and can be taken on any plane because there is no fuel or flame or sparks, making it ideal for travel. Take it with you next time you vacation at the beach or on a cruise ship or anywhere windy or wet conditions prevail....

Beach Survival Lighter

The Sunlighter is a survival lighter that works great at the beach. Sunbathers: By using the Sunlighter at the beach, you no longer have to shield yourself from the wind by pulling your t-shirt or towel over your head to get a light. The beach survival lighter is windproof and waterproof and won't be rendered useless by a passing shower or by running out of fuel or by getting sand in it. The survivalist's lighter is the world's best substitute for your butane lighter at the beach. Take it with you the next time you vacation at the beach. It's also useful for fishermen who are exposed to windy and wet conditions near the water, and the boater who might also experience windy and wet conditions at sea. Include the Sunlighter in your emergency supply kit or survival gear.

Camping Survival Lighter

Campers and Survivalists can depend on the Sunlighter to create a campfire or an emergency fire even in the harshest conditions. Unlike other lighters, this survival lighter will never run out of fuel or be rendered useless by water or moisture. It will even light wet matches! The scouting community has added the Sunlighter to their camping supplies as an excellent fire starter for tinder, char-cloth and other ignitable substances. One very unique feature of the Sunlighter is that you can use it at night with the assistance of a high-powered spotlight or high beams on most cars and trucks to ignite tinder, pine needles, or char-cloth. It is a great survival tool for your emergency kit or bug-out bag. It makes a great gift for the outdoorsman in your life, as a wilderness survival kit item. Every car or truck should have a Sunlighter in their glove box or trunk in case of a vehicle break down in the middle of nowhere and a need for warmth or a fire arises.

Sea Survival Lighter

The Sunlighter works best in strong winds that can make it nearly impossible to use a butane lighter, in many cases forcing fishermen away from their poles and into the cabin. This survival lighter allows a fisherman or boater to get a light without leaving his pole or seat because the windier it is, the faster it works! And with no open flame or spark, it is also the safest lighter for use on a boat or ship. The Sunlighter should be a part of your emergency supply kit, abandon ship bag, or ditch bag to supplement your emergency supplies and life raft equipment on your boat or ship at sea before setting out on any long voyage. For excursions on land, include the Sunlighter in your backpack as an important addition to your wilderness survival gear.

                      The Sunlighter is a perfect match for a windy day!